84-01 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Front Winch Bumper


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The Flatland 4×4 Jeep Cherokee front winch bumper is a great way to add protection to the front of your XJ while maintaining the classic XJ appearance. Features a winch fairlead mount, recessed winch mount, and an overall height of only 9″ from the top of the winch fairlead mount to the bottom of the bumper ensuring good airflow and approach angle.

Plans include templates for a two-part, bolt-together mounting bracket system designed to provide mounting adjustability and strengthen the mounting location of the steering gear box. Designed to be cut from 3/16″ and 1/4″ plate.

Please note: Fender sheet metal behind factory bumper will need to be trimmed flush with headlight or bumper will need to be modified to fit accordingly.

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Estimated Weight:

60 lbs

Required Materials (Standard Version): 
48″ x 25″ steel plate – 3/16″ thickness
12″ x 24″ steel plate – 1/4″ thickness

Suggested Materials:
Additional Gussets and Bracing As Needed
Grade 8 Hardware For Mounting
D-Ring Mounts


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84-01 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) – Front Winch Standard

4 reviews for 84-01 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Front Winch Bumper

  1. Zachary (verified owner)

    The bumper went together smoothly and looks great on the jeep the frame tie ins are very beefy and the only thing I changed was the winch mount instead of using the small rectangles and gussets I cut a piece of 1/4” plate that fit into the opening and welded it all around all three sides of the bumper and it is stout. Had to drill access holes in the skid portion of the bumper to mount my winch but that’s because of the route I took having everything tucked in tighter. Great bumper.

  2. Jacob Dunham

    Autocad files were good. Cut out fine on plasma table. Everything was good until I started putting it together. There was no instructions on the order of the pieces to be tacked together so it would fit correctly. The angles could have been nice to know also. Had to work my way backwards by putting the frame pieces on, ones with holes and triangular pieces, then put the big rectangular piece on for the bottom. The next step that I did was putting the vertical side pieces of the wings at 90’s in relation to the top wing piece. I put the those pieces on next making sure it was flat and looked nice. Next step was the bottom wing pieces which were easy because I just had to line them up. I also had to modify parts of the frame tie ins because they were interfering with parts of my Jeep. This bumper caused me a decent amount of confusion having to guess on the order of the piece installation with no angles. A little instruction book would have been nice to have, atleast a few pages. Overall it’s a nice bumper. Just wished it could have been easier to get together.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I thought it was gonna be a good buy, but it didn’t have an angle gauge and no instructions so I wouldn’t recommend this.

  4. larz (verified owner)

    had no problems with any fitment on my 01 xj. kept all the pieces organized after cutting and they tacked together beautifully. mounted right up despite some front end work done by the P.O. – did have to trim 2 corners to work with the ironman4x4 steering box brace. all in all great CAD plans if you’re going to build your own.

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