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Production Pack (5 Product License)


In response to popular demand, we have developed a licensing plan for production of our products. Available below are 5-pack licenses that will allow you to produce and sell products of your own using our products (designs). Save time and money by purchasing a 5 product license today.

Each Production Pack licenses you to produce and sell any combination of products, based on our design, up to quantity 5 for each license you purchase. Any additional production must be preceded by another license pack purchase. Each production license purchase includes one set of drawings of your choice. Additional drawings may be purchased individually, to be used in conjunction with a license pack, or by purchasing an additional license packs.

For example: You purchase a production license and request a set of WJ Front Nonwinch drawings. You also purchase a set of drawings for an XJ Front Winch bumper. You may produce and sell up to 5 bumpers such as 3 WJ bumpers and 2 XJ bumpers, etc.

Please read our Licensing Pack Terms and Conditions agreement for more information.