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95-04 Toyota Tacoma Front Winch Bumper


The Flatland 4×4 front winch bumper for the 95-04 Toyota Tacoma provides this truck with hidden winch, offroad protection.

Bumper includes winch plate and fairlead hole and mounts to the frame using a crossmember design to supply extra stability in winch pulls. Tabs on mount crossmember enable compatibility with factory engine skid plate mounting. Designed to be cut from 3/16″ steel plate.

95-04 Toyota Tacoma Rear Bumper


An excellent way to increase protection and incorporate hitch/towing capability into one solution, the Flatland4x4 rear bumper for the 95-04 Toyota Tacoma is designed to be cut from 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel. The built-in hitch version allows for license plate mounting over the hitch receiver tubing and the addition of D-Ring mounts is an effective way to provide quick recovery options.

Flatland Window Sticker 2X10


Our window stickers are a great way to brag about the achievement of building enhancements for your rig, not just buying off-the-shelf!

*** Only available in continental United States ***